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Rose and Rose Quartz Gemstone Candle- Love

Rose and Rose Quartz Gemstone Candle- Love

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This handcrafted gemstone paraffin candle is crafted with enchanting wooden wicks and infused with the essence of aromatic herbs and delicate floral fragments.

Featuring a carefully selected gemstone, it infuses the surrounding space with its unique energy and radiance. As the flame dances atop the wick, the gemstone awakens, creating an ambience of elegance and tranquillity. A soft crackling comes from the natural wood wick as it burns, adding to the peaceful atmosphere.

Adorned with intricately selected herbs and flowers, this candle releases a medley of fragrances as it burns, pleasing both your senses and your eyes.

Perfect for creating an inviting setting, this candle is a great addition to any home, spa, or boutique.

With a burning time of 34 hours and 265g of wax, it gives a long-lasting and fulfilling experience.

11x8 (cm)

100% Organic - Handmade with love - Made with sacred herbs in India


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